Friday, 23 October 2015

Teaching and Effective Communication

Teaching and Knowledge

Effective communication is an import ant requisite to climb the ladder of success, be it at personal or professional level. Teaching demands good communication skills, along with the knowledge of the subject. If you are unable to teach what you know, students tend to be less involved and lose inspiration to learn. As a teacher or facilitator in class one should be able to communicate the subject content clearly and precisely. He/she should be motivated to speak up his/her viewpoints in class and raise questions. The aim of teacher talk is to deliver information and instructions in clear, unambiguous ways. So structuring talk in the classroom to achieve your objectives is a really important factor in establishing good teacher student communication.


Teaching and Communication

For this, it is vital for the teachers to communicate effectively with their students. Through effective communication teachers can also help the the students develop skills to handle the problems or situations that life throws at them. Better teacher-student relationship also results in improved and better parent–teacher relationships.


Teacher Student Communication Strategies

A few strategies for successful effective teacher student communication are:

ü  Stating all objectives and instructions clearly and where possible in positive ways.

ü  Checking for understanding about their learning.

ü  Getting the right ‘tone' is one of the most important steps in successful teacher student communication.

ü  Speaking respectfully to students.

ü  Making yourself accessible and approachable to them all the times.

ü  Being positive in your approach while dealing with them.

Hence effective communication between teacher-students makes learning an enriching experience and helps students to achieve success in whatever they do.


Rupa Chauhan

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