Saturday, 24 October 2015

Activities for Toddler’s Class Room

Start an Activity Using Something from the Classroom

For example, check out the calendar. Is there a birthday coming up? Have students make birthday cards for that student. Have students draw a picture to show their favourite thing to do in the present season (ex. make a pet, fruit). Have them sit together on the carpet and think up sentences using words from their word wall.

Read the Classroom

With students sitting and watching from the carpet, walk around the room and point to words that are on the walls. Have the students read the words, or attempt to read them.

What's Behind Your Back?

Collect a few small objects. Have students sit on the carpet and call up one volunteer at a time. The volunteer will get one of the small objects to put behind his/her back. The other students have to try to guess what is behind their back by asking yes or no questions (ex. is it white? is it soft? is it round). Whoever figures out what the object is gets the next turn to hold an object behind their back.

Actions in a Circle

Students sit in a circle. One person is "the leader" - usually the teacher to start with. The leader starts by repeating an action (ex. clapping, tapping their legs, snapping) and everyone in the circle copies them. The leader can change the action anytime, and the class follows suit.

Make a Mural

If there is free chalk board space, you can have the class make a mural! Or, if there is no chalk board space, you can tape together some white paper or large construction paper of a neutral colour. Have students come up one or two at a time to contribute to the class mural. Give it a theme, such as at the circus or Zoo.

Rupa Chauhan

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