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Emotional Securities and Sensitivities of Toddlers

Physical Growth

In order to grow physically, toddlers must have food, fresh air, light and exercise. This food, fresh air, light and exercise provide toddlers with nourishment and activity required to satisfy the needs of physical growth and development. Along with this physical development, toddler must also develop emotionally. As toddlers reach the age of seven, they will also reach certain levels of emotional maturity. It is hoped that the emotional Maturity attained will be at a desirable level so that they are able to  function normally within their own sphere of relationships, whether it is with their peers, their immediate family or other adults.

 Emotional Growth

The nutrients or ingredients necessary for emotional growth are not the same as they are for physical growth. However, they are very bit as important as food and drink are to physical growth and development. These nutrients satisfy the needs for emotional security just as food and drink satisfy a physical hunger pain. If toddler are to attain a level of emotional maturity, they must first have certain securities.

Emotional Securities: Love and Acceptance

Toddlers need to know that they are loved. In addition to being loved, there are other ways that toddlers are able to satisfy the need for emotional security. Toddlers have to feel that they are accepted, whether it is acceptance as part of a family, a pre-school group or any activity club. Toddlers must be made to feel that they are liked and accepted for what they are. This kind of acceptance fosters an independence and confidence, which the toddler needs in order to grow emotionally.

Emotional  Sensitivities: Activities and Participation

When working with toddlers it is important to remember that at this particular age they are sensitive to the subtle pressures of acceptance and rejection. In choosing activities in which they will take part, toddlers make their choices for a variety of reasons. Some will choose an activity where they can be with someone

they like, others will choose an activity that they enjoy, but, for the most part, toddlers will choose the game or activity in which they have the greatest success. Toddlers like to do the things that they can do best. Love, acceptance and success are strong emotional needs. They are necessary for establishing emotional security in the child and, in turn, emotional security, if necessary, in the attainment of emotional maturity.


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