Tuesday, 6 October 2015


Toddlers learn best through freedom to play to solve their own problems and develop their interests. Parents and teachers are today striving to provide organized academic experiences for toddlers in place of free play.
Free Play: Meaning and Importance
Free Play is the opportunity to toddlers to play and explore on their own, away from adult supervision and control.
Parents may think they are protecting their toddlers, but they are depriving them of opportunities to learn, diminishing their joy and sense of self control. In fact it is through free play that children start to build many of life skills they need in order to be successful in years to come. A major result of this is that children today are more anxious and depressed than ever before.

Free Play and Sensory Development
Toddlers in order to learn needs to touch it, hear it, see it, taste it, smell it and play based learning provides a fully sensory experience. In order to have maximum sensory input, the toddlers must be encouraged to participate in activities with variety of sensory inputs every day.
How Can I as a Parent Ensure a Better Sensory Experience for my Toddler?
The toddlers today are starved of sensory experience, as they spend most of time in front of TV or computer at home. Moreover in pre-school, the academic content under adult supervision has increased leading to a more directed, protected setting where adults are in control and not children.
Certain ideas fully ignite the mind and bodies of the toddlers are:
(a) The best option available to a toddler would be if he/she is given ample opportunities to play outdoors every day with peers.
(b) Help you with food preparation or folding of clothes.
(c) Playing with toys of different shape, size, lights and sounds.
(d) Tossing, catching and kicking of balls with both hands.
(e) Experimenting with new foods and spices.
(f) Sing songs and dance or any other fun activity.

How will I come to know that my Toddler has Sensory Development Issues/Delay?
As a parent it is always our concern to ensure sensory development growth of our toddler is on track. However, we must not be over concerned also, as every toddlers develops at his own pace.
Certain signs of developmental issues in toddlers are:

(a) Toddlers not been able to respond when their name is called.
(b) Lack of curiosity to try new things by jumping or touchings.
(c)  Not able to walk without running into furniture.
(d) Not noticing if you move into the room.
(e) Not playing with toys.
    (f)   Repeating what is heard on TV but not being able to ask for what              want.
    (g) Prefers to be alone.
     (h) Interested in things that kids are not interested.


Toddlers just need the time, space and permission to be themselves. Let them play!

Rupa Chauhan

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