Friday, 23 October 2015

Settling Down a Toddlers:First Few days

Teaching a toddler is a very different ball game from teaching Junior or Senior children because of the amount of energy toddlers have! Knowing how to channel this energy, or when to ‘stir' and when to ‘settle' toddler  will help a teacher to achieve balanced lessons without children becoming over-excited on the one hand or bored on the other.

A teacher must understand all the factors to be taken into consideration when planning for balanced activities in order to achieve all round development of the toddlers. Following issues need emphasis:

1.      Settling down activities should be designed to calm students down and settle them into a routine.

2.      Basic classroom management and routines are essential to establish as a pre-requisite for learning.

3.      Making sure toddlers know what the routine is when they arrive in class e.g. identifying their lockers/desks, keeping the bag and the water bottles in their respective places. Activities such as - Introduction session, story-telling, free hand drawing and colouring help a child to settle well in the class.

4.      Teachers need to be aware that toddlers have a much shorter concentration span than adults and this will affect the number of different activities we need to plan for a single day.

5.      As educators we need to take into account the learning styles of the different children in the class. Different types of activities more suited to visual/ auditory/ kinesthetic /tactile learners should be planned.

Rupa Chauhan

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