Friday, 23 October 2015

Creativity and Teaching

Advantage of Creative Teaching.

Creative teaching methods help enthusiasm to come to the fore, helping students to achieve the best grades that they can and enjoy the learning process and retain the information for years to come. Right balance between academia and fun is the best way to get facts across to students and to help them in their own quest to find answers.

How to Increase Creativity While Teaching

o   Thinking and behaving imaginatively

o   Imaginative activities take place in a purposeful way, i.e. related to a specific objective

o   The activity generates something original

o   There is value in the activity that is related to the original objective.

o   A creative teacher who encourages pupils to be creative should be able to demonstrate that they:

·         Encourage open-ended questioning and promote and reward imagination and originality

·         Increase their use of role-play, hands-on experimentation, problem solving and collaborative group work

·         Create conditions for adventurous exploration of ideas as well as those for quiet reflection and concentration

·         Use unexpected events where they are appropriate and, where appropriate, put aside what had been planned to go with some new idea without losing sight of the original broad objectives

·         Are willing to stand back and let pupils take the lead.


Planning to Make Teaching More Creative

Creativity doesn’t just arrive and settle in classrooms and become instantly successful. Teachers have to plan for it to happen. Teachers will have to modify their approach and promote a range of teaching and learning styles that will allow many more pupils to demonstrate their creativity.
Rupa Chauhan

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